Vitamin D deficiency – 3 symptoms and solutions!

Vitamin D deficiency - It impacts your life

Vitamin D deficiency can hit everyone, but especially people who spend time in the northern hemisphere are susceptible. This is therefore something you should be aware of if you travel to snowy destinations up north. Here are the top 3 signs that you may not be getting enough vitamin D:
• If your mood begins to swing and you feel more “down” than usual, then this could very well be vitamin D deficiency. Serotonin is a hormone that elevates your mood and it increases through exposure to natural sunlight, and decreases in periods where you don’t get much sun.
• Bone ache is also something you should be aware of. This is especially something you should consider if it is combined with general fatigue.
• Fatigue. When you don’t get enough vitamin D it can affect your energy levels. Therefore, if you are in a period where you feel lethargic, and you aren’t outside much, it could be a vitamin D deficiency. Great ways for Boosting you Vitamin D intake is through exposure to sunlight, eating fatty fish, egg yolks, and cod liver oil. Generally it becomes increasingly important as you age to remember to get outside when not working, as natural sunlight really is your number one source of vitamin D.

Winter holiday – What to carry?

winter holiday

A winter holiday means lots of warm clothes in your luggage. It can really increase the weight you need to carry. But a few tricks of mixing and matching can help you travel light and also carry essentials when on winter holiday.

(1) Thermal underwear – It is a must for winter holidays. Thermal underwear are light and can rolled up and fit in your luggage. Carry a pair each and you will need fewer sweaters.

(2) Jeans – They are heavy, but they can be used for a longer period. Always keep two pairs. Jeans on top of thermal leggings keeps you warm in a cold climate. Again, jeans can be rolled and fit in any kind of luggage backpack or trolley bag.

(3) Shoes and warm socks – Your feet are most vulnerable to the cold. Hence you should carry comfortable shoes and warm woolen socks on a winter holiday.

(4) Caps and gloves – Caps and gloves are necessary accessories while going on a winter vacation.

(5) Windcheaters – Windcheaters worn over pullovers can help you keep warm in the harshest climate. Along with these, also pack one pullover, a long coat and short-sleeved shirts. Enjoy the holidays!

Buying Clothes for Winter Frugally

Buying Clothes for Winter Frugally

Winter is right here and warm clothes are a must. Every winter a fortune is spent on the clothes as they are expensive. Just by keeping things simple you can save a lot of cash while preparing well for chilly winter ahead.

The Price-Quality Relation – Winter clothes are of many types. There are woolen clothes, synthetic fiber and fleece. Buy clothes depending on the use. Quality clothes always come with a price. Do not go for cheap synthetic ones as they are not good for health. Instead buy fleece for inners and woolen coats as outer. Moderately priced fleece and woolens will take you through the winter. Remember to buy clothes that will last next winter.

Always check online – Online shopping is devoid of extra payment added by retail stores. Always check online. With option of return you can get really good deals.

Buy in End of Season Sale – The best deals are when the season ends. SO buy in the end of season for the next season. You will get the same clothes for half the price. A strategy I employ is to but summer clothes in winter and winter clothes in summer.

Factory outlets – When shopping locally and in season look out for factory outlets. These outlets will have brands and they are heavily discounted due to very minor defects. You can really get nice deals here too!

Keep a list of what to buy – When you start shopping and do not know what is required you will shop things which are waste of hard-earned money. Hence keep a list of articles needed.

Plan your Winter Finances

Christmas Finance money box - plan for Christmas do not leave until the last minutePreparation for winter should also include your finances. This is a season that can be very expensive, Christmas alone  can account for that. You also have increases in heating and electric bills, car maintenance and if you are into winter sports this is your holiday season!

Some sensible planning can alleviate you having all the costs at once, for example:

  • Join a Christmas club to save all year round. Park  are who I use, not only do they have a huge variety of hampers but vouchers for all the popular stores and Amazon Vouchers – which are a godsend for nephews and nieces. There are numerous alternatives, your local shops, butchers can also run their own Christmas Clubs.
  • Knowing Christmas comes around every year, buy for close family and friends in the sales – you know what they like. If you have to contribute to an office gift box etc look out for bargains all year round and put them on one side. I find toiletries are the best for this  – mix of men and women’s often come on sale 3 for 2 etc at Boots and other major Stores.
  • Don’t host Christmas dinner all by yourself – do a Jacobs Join and get family involved in the buying, preparation and most importantly the cleaning up.

We actually got offered a place on a skiing trip that we wanted to go on but it had been full, someone dropped out so they asked us, unfortunately it meant we had to pay in full.  We talked about it as the trip really is a good one and very good value for money, unfortunately our cash was tied up this month and they could not wait till next as someone else was interested. Then we had a thought – last year we took a loan out from Ferratum for some home decorating and they do a mobile microloan for existing customers. As our loan is nearly finished we took advantage of this, money sorted, holiday booked and only took a phone call.  Really pleased, got the holiday at a great price and a flexible repayment plan.


Be Prepared for the nasty Cold n Cough

Nasty Cough and Cold

The nasty cold and cough takes the life out of you in cold season. Running nose and scratchy throat is really irritating. You go to the doctor and he gives you a plethora of drugs and antibiotics. This is the normal course for every family when the Winter is Coming. Instead of getting sick and then taking all the chemical laced syrups and tablets, it is better to prepare for it. Honey and some herbs can protect you from the cold and cough. I have experimented the last two seasons with an effect of 500+ days without the nasty cold and cough. here are some recipes which can protect you from the common cold.

  • Honey and Cinnamon Powder – This is the best protection against the common cold. Just mix 1 gm of cinnamon powder in a teaspoon of honey. Eat the mixture and drink something hot early in the morning before breakfast. It works wonders for the throat and also gives energy. Try it and you will feel the energy surge in your body. Honey has other benefits for the body as well.
  • Olive oil mixed with Garlic – Take a pod of garlic and cook with 200 ml of Olive oil.Strain the oil removing the solid garlic pieces. Massage every alternate night before going to bed. It will not only relax your muscles but also protect against the cold.
  • Basil syrup – Make some sugar syrup the normal way. Then add some basil leaves and cook for 30 minutes. Keep the mixture and have it after lunch daily. Basil will protect you against cold and it is tasty too!

Beauty of Winter and Health

Healthy Winter

Winter is nice isn’t it? I love winter because you can work more and enjoy more. Anyways being born in a month which comes in winter I would not feel cold. This is a fact dear people born in summers will feel less heat and the ones born in winter lesser cold. For the ones born in spring, folks I do not know actually. Winter also means you need to be healthy as it is very nasty if you catch  a cold and it is not a good season if you are not well. So what do we do to keep well and enjoy the snow?

  • Increase your diet – Your body will spend more energy in keeping itself warm. Hence you should increase your diet to provide the body with that extra calories.
  • Include Vitamin C in your diet – Vitamin C is a proven cold fighting agent. So, if you want to keep away from running noses include Vitamin C in your daily diet. The best way is eating citrus fruits or drinking juices.
  • Sleep well – Your immune system works best with a good night’s sleep. So, give your body adequate sleep to remain healthy in winters.
  • Drink less alcohol – Yes I am saying this because winters are the season when you become addicted. So, have control and be happy.
  • Exercise regularly – Exercising is a secret to fitness in all seasons. However in winters it gives double benefits. It will keep you healthy and warm too.

Skin care in Winter

Winter Care

Winter Care


Winter really affects the skin. Dryness is a major problem and extra care should be taken. How to care for your skin this winter:

  • Moisturize – In winter air is dry and it affects the skin also. You will have dry lips and face problem. Use a moisturizer which is oil based which will protect the skin against the season and the dryness.
  • Talk to specialist – Everyone’s skin is different, and the right way to go about caring is to seek a skin specialist and take his/her advice.
  • Use Sunscreen – When out in the sun use sunscreen. The winter sunlight has more UV rays and can damage your skin.
  • Use Petroleum jelly on hands and feet – The skin on hands and feet also goes dry. Hence apply petroleum jelly on hands and feet to keep it soft.
  • Drink water – In winter you not feel thirsty. But regular fluid intake should be done to protect against infections.Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water daily.
  • No wet clothes – Wet clothes will affect your skin in a bad way. hence go for dry clothes. Change clothes immediately if you get wet.
  • Use humidifier – Extreme winter will require use of room heating system. However heating takes away the moisture. So, use humidifier to keep the air moist. It keeps your skin healthy.
  • Bathe with lukewarm water – We tend to bathe with super hot water in winter. It feels good but is not healthy for skin. It makes the skin dry. Instead use lukewarm water and keep your skin healthy.